Yeepeng Lanna Festival 2023

"YLF 2023 - Yeepeng Lanna Festival: A Spectacular Fusion of Culture, Tradition, and Magic. Join us for an enchanting experience at the Gassan Panorama Golf Club in Lamphun on November 27th and 28th, 2023. Discover the beauty of lantern releases, delectable dinners, and mesmerizing cultural performances. Create memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss it!"

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1. Pick-Up Point in Downtown Chiang Mai

2. Event Venueย 


November 27, 2023 (Monday)

Ticket Price

Adults (Ages 11 and above):

Children (Ages 6-10):

Children below 6 years old: Enter for free (Passport required)

Please note: All prices are listed in Thai Baht (THB).

Inclusions for All Ticket Categories:

Cancellation Policies

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Information:

Q1: What is YLF 2023?

A1: Yeepeng Lanna Festival 2023 (YLF 2023) is an annual event of culture, tradition, and the magical lantern release in Northern Thailand.

Q2: When and where is YLF 2023 taking place?

A2: YLF 2023 is scheduled for November 27th 2023, at the stunning Gassan Panorama Golf Club.

Q3: How can I get to the event venue?

A3: Complimentary transportation is provided from downtown Chiang Mai, with the pick-up point at Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel Parking.

Ticket Information:

Q4: What are the different ticket categories and their prices?

A4: Ticket categories include Premium, VIP, and Standard for both adults and children. Please refer to our Pricing section for detailed information.

Q5: What's included in the ticket price?

A5: All ticket categories include access to event activities, cultural performances, dinner at the Northern Thai Traditional Market, and the magical lantern release experience.

Q6: How can I purchase tickets for YLF 2023?

A6: Tickets can be purchased through our official website or at the event (subject to availability).

Event Details:

Q7: What activities and performances can I expect at YLF 2023?

A7: YLF 2023 features activities such as lantern releases, DIY crafts, cultural performances, a traditional dinner, and more. Refer to the Agenda section for a detailed schedule.

Q8: What if there's bad weather on the event day?

A8:ย  In the rare event of cancellation, we will communicate promptly and provide ticket refunds.

Q9: Can I bring my children to YLF 2023?

A9: Yes, children are welcome. Children aged 6-10 have special ticket categories, and children below 6 years old enter for free (passport required).

Q10: Are there any specific rules or guidelines for handling lanterns?

A10: Yes, we provide instructions on safely lighting and releasing lanterns. Please be cautious, especially if children are present.

Contact Information:

Q11: How can I contact YLF 2023 organizers for more information or assistance?

A11: For inquiries and reservations, please contact us through the provided email and phone numbers. Our dedicated team is here to assist you. Please access Contact Us.

Please note: Event schedules are subject to change without prior notice. For the latest updates and announcements, check our official communication channels. We look forward to welcoming you to YLF 2023 for an unforgettable experience of culture, tradition, and magic!